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What is Chatsy - WhatsApp Clone?

Chatsy the whatsapp clone script is a multiple computing platform application similar to whatsapp compatible to both android and iPhone devices. Chatsy implements the use of firm and stable chat server with the application interface and the code much the same as whatsapp.

Whatsapp tops the alternatives amongst the instant messaging clients to the smartphones and it has also created a rise to a buzzword that users even tell whatsapp me - which means text me.

With every passers-by having whatsapp installed in their mobile apps, the demand is even shooting high and competitors hit it hard to outstrip the most famous instant messaging application - whatsapp. Chatsy takes its inception showing up similar features of whatsapp for entrepreneurs to start a venture.

Whatsapp clone

Best Real-time Chat App

A startup amidst the reverberating On-Demand economy would quench your thirst of entrepreneurial dream. Chatsy stands a best option.

WhatsApp clone app

Easy File Uploads

Users can upload and share any kind of files with friends

WhatsApp clone script

Profile Updates

Status, profile pictures and other settings can be updated by users on the profile page as per their interests.

WhatsApp clone

Free Audio Call

The chatroom supports app to app calling feature for free. The users do not have to pay for their calls which are completely free.

WhatsApp clone app

Call History

Chatsy app which is much similar to whatsapp stores all the calling details in the rolodex to keep a log of all the calls - outgoing, incoming and missed.

WhatsApp clone script

Chat Lock

With Chatsy there is an option, to lock a personal chat or a group with a secure password avoiding insecure access to the conversation. Manage passwords with settings.

WhatsApp clone

Emoticon Support

The range of smileys helps the users to share their expression through the apps in-built emoticons.

Chatsy takes a new avatar of Instant Messenger

Whatsapp clone script

Why Choose Chatsy?

With Chatsy, its feasible to set your own brand, setup Web App for your users, install an efficient admin dashboard, setup a server, customise your brand Logo, compile and launch an iOS and Android native apps for customers.

Creation of Groups

It provides an easy option to create groups to add multiple contacts based on the users’ interest. Users are provided the possibility and accessibility of creating, changing group names, group status and group profile pictures as well. The apps support the users to add more than 500 members in the group. The app also provisions the user to share images, videos, audios, contacts and location within the group. It is also easy to leave or delete the group.

Updating Profile Picture and Status:

The profile picture and the status once updated by the user on the application, it can be made available for the other users to view on the same. There are pre-defined status messages, that can be used as a status by the user or custom statuses can be set up by the users much similar to the whatsapp.

Whatsapp clone app

Why Chatsy?

Chatsy is a smart product with great features intact. Chatsy is a scalable product, that entrepreneurs can build better business with readily crafted web applications in hand. Following are the key elements that stand the reason for Chatsy to be the best in industry.

Turnkey Solution

Chatsy offers a turnkey solution making it available for the entrepreneurs making the chatroom application ready to use immediately. Get along with the trend and hold the fort with the huge market-share in the industry.

Chat history

There is a chat history screen available for the users to see the list of latest conversations or chats with the contact names. The chat history screen is also synced real time so that the user can view if the contacts change the profile pictures. There is an option to email the chat history.

The mobile chat application permits users to share Images, Videos, Location & Contacts

Advantages of Using Chatsy

Loaded with features and compatible to iOS and Android app for users with an efficient admin dashboard

User Registration

Chatsy App helps the user to get registered with the phone number. The clone messenger is integrated with TWILO API meant to authorize if the users are signing up with the phone numbers for the first time or if they logging in back.

User Login

The login can be done using the registered phone number while the whatsapp source code loads the existing user's name, profile picture and the status.

Integration of Social Media

Users are given an option to import the profile pictures from Facebook during the process of signing up on to the Online Chat App which would further upload the picture to the server for the purpose of recording it.

Favourites and Synchronizing Phone contacts

During the process of the user's signup, the contacts of the users are synced on the server. The source code of the whatsapp clone prowls over the contacts of the users that are already in the Chat Application.

Chat Details

Chat is exchange of text messages. With Chatsy, the user can find when the message reached the server, when the message reached the receiver and when the receiver had read the message in real time. The user can also view when the receiver is typing.

Last Seen

The last seen status is updated when the user actually last login to Chatsy. The contacts can also see when the user is online or offline, real time.

Data and Media Sharing

The chat clone, allows users to exchange photos, videos and even audios through the chat application.

Secret Chat Option

Chatting secretly with the contacts is now possible. This facilitates the user to set chat deletion time that would delete the chat automatically after the proposed time frame is over.

Prompt Search

Users can search the complete content accessible in your account, find message and chats, find users promptly through the search tab.

Efficient Dashboard

Admin can take over the mobile app with complete control is comfortably available through the dashboard.

Scalable features

Scaling up your business is definitely going to be an easy job with our robust product.

Pocket Friendly

Chatsy the Whatsapp Clone gives the best buy solutions that it is the most feature-packed product offered at low end pricing making it available at an affordable price for the customers.

White labeled Product

The Whatsapp Clone app itself is well-adorned with features all set to start your business with your own brand name.

Supports iOS and Android OS

Gives great user experience making the Whatsapp Clone app much compatible with iPhone and Andoid gadgets.

Instant Notifications

Stay updated with all the incoming messages through instant alerts and notifications

Admin Panel

Try Demo Admin Panel

Frequently Asked Questions

Free installation will be done by our technical team in your Linux server, which you have recommended or hosting at free of cost, and this does not include any support or set or installation on your local machine or on the local host.
In order to complete the free installation of files into the client server, the normal turnaround time will take from 12 hours to 24 hours, depending upon the hosting companies.
When you purchase the script, and someone from the customer end has modified or altered the code, then the free support which you have purchased gets voided irrespective of the plan. Zuket does not provide any guarantee to the issues which was produced in our script due to the third party and the external resources.
Once you complete your purchase successfully, our accounts team will verify you, once the verification is completed, we will inbox you the downloadable source file from our official mail info@Zuket.com. You have to download the source files which were sent to you before 24 hours, if not the link will expire. Apart from this, free installation of source files into their server will be done to our lite, premium and ultimate customers, if they provide the main login credentials to their server. Additionally, in order to provide our premium and ultimate customers with the enhanced customer support experience, we provide our customers the access to the project management tool called www.basecamp.com, in which to provide the support and the immediate response, our QA and testing team will be added. So that, our customers need not worry about the after sales support process, because they are also part of our team, and will continue their successful business forever.
PayPal will come free as default in the initial package. If proper API information like stripe, Authorize.net, 2co, balanced gateway and many more is provided, then we can integrate any payment methods into Chatsy.
Node.Js is the framework that is used to build the Chatsy and the platform used is LAMP (Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP)
Refund will not be provided, if the product was downloaded successfully because, we are dealing with the intangible digital products. We have provided with the demo link on the website, so that you can check before making payment. After the purchase, if you face any issues regarding installation or any website issues, then you can contact our team directly through basecamp.com, project management tool, support email or Skype.
Yes. We do help for custom module. We create new designs, payment options and functionality. In order to get our services, email us at info@Zuket.com, and also send pictures, sketches, ideas and documents, so that it will be easy for us to help you with more accurate estimates.
Chatsy's demo is always updated with the currently available latest version. It is also the same sort of install packages that you receive after purchasing the script. In order to prevent vandalism, the demo will have limited access in some areas, but the copy which you get will have the full access.
There are no additional payments; once you purchase the script then it is completely yours.
Yes. Our Chatsy team will install the script for you. Our installation services are free and it will be done when your payment gets completed. If you provide your server credentials, then our team will install the script. You can also respond to our mails, which comes from the id, info@Zuket.com.
No. we do not offer refunds and all the sales are final. We believe that our live demo on the website will provide enough information to make a decision before making the purchase. Read our return policy to get more information regarding this.
Technical documentation will not be provided. If you need any help while developing your custom module, you can email us at info@Zuket.com and we will provide you the estimate for developing your custom module.
Small errors happen even though we handle carefully. We will have a look at the system performance and we welcome feedback from the clients. If we find a bug we will try to replace it in the shortest period possible with the free of cost.
That depends upon the license you have purchased. In regular single domain license, core files such as PHP are unencrypted by layout and design, they can be accessed and customized, but this licensing is encrypted. In open source and multi domain license, there is no encryption, so the owner can update all the files, whereas all the features of the script regardless of the license type are available to the administrators and the users. If want to get the open source, multi domain license, then email us to info@Zuket.com.
Yes. You can change the files, if you have access to them with the license that was purchased.
Chatsy are available only with the standard template. If you want any design or unique template, then contact us at info@Zuket.com or chat with our sales executive, he will provide you with other details and pricing.
Domain names can be changed. For this you have to email to us at info@Zuket.com, with your present domain name, purchase order number, and the new name which you would like to change for your domain. A domain name can be changed only during six months and don’t change the settings by you before we confirm it. If you do so, then your service will be unavailable before confirmation. This service is based on the license version which you have purchased.
Yes. The script can be installed in the cloud server like Amazon, Digital Ocean, Race Park, etc.
LAMP platform is used. It runs on all Linux based servers, for windows you have to enable few modules in the server.
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