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Excite Your Business with Your Version of Uber like Courier App

On Demand Delivery - Uber Business Version for Couriers

Gorgeous Responsive Application Interface

Encounter our feature rich interface to gain the unmatched user-experience

Trouble Free Cloud installation

Avail the most sought after yet simple Cloud Installation for Courier services with our ready to use application set up.

Completely Customizable

Modify the app as per your business requirements.

Tracking Made Easy

Tracking is now simple that the user and admin are free to track the courier using a tracking ID. By this way you will know the exact location of your deliveries.

on demand delivery

Best On-Demand Delivery App

Expect Beyond Boundaries with the Best of Our Delivery Services

Apps for Both iOS & Android

We help your business to stay connected with all the latest Operating Systems - iOS and Android. An on-demand delivery app that supports both iOS and Android OS based smartphone.

Feature Rich Analytics

Our Delivery app has smart in housed analytics feature that shows up the Return On Investments. This application feature helps you to plan & enhance the rate of conversion.

Multiple Location Access

The app influences the admin panel to give access to multiple admins and create multiple dispatches.

Payment History

There is a payment history module where the user can access to check on the payment history.

Caller ID

The caller ID option helps the dispatchers to find the dispatcher details effortlessly.

Capture Signature

Our uber-based delivery app features signature capture function, so when an invoice mail is sent, it would hold the dispatcher's signature which has been captured already.

uber for courier

Delivery right at your Door-Step with our on-Demand services

Delivery Services App supports both Android and iOS with a unique dashboard.

  • uber for courier The user sends a request through the app.
  • uber for courier The request is sent to the dispatchers who are accessible at the closest proximity.
  • on demand delivery The dispatcher then accepts the user's request.
  • uber for courier The communication between the user and the dispatcher is set through the app which is controlled by the admin.
on demand delivery

Delivery on-Demand

A commotion free on-time and on-demand delivery service to assist customer needs to fit in their requirements. With the on-demand delivery app, the user can schedule their delivery now or later.

Affordable Delivery Cost

No extra charges, you pay only for the delivery you make through our on-Demand delivery app.

Affordable Delivery Cost

No extra charges, you pay only for the delivery you make through our on-Demand delivery app.

On-demand Service app Integration

On-Demand Delivery app integration can be done with other on-demand service platforms like Etsy and Shopify to bring deliveries at your doorstep with no extra complicated installation.

The Map to Locomote your Business

on demand delivery


As a customer, know us what you want get delivered and it is done as per your request.

uber for courier


The map integration in the app, helps the customers to track and understand the status of the courier.

on demand delivery


The customers are allowed to track and are notified with the tracking link to get the real-time tracking possible. This strengthens customer satisfaction.

uber for courier


  • uber for courier Auto Completion of Address
  • uber for courier Instant Booking at your Convenience
  • uber for courier Verification through SMS
  • uber for courier In-built Navigation System


Pay By Card and Wallet

Dispatch charges can be paid either through card payment or by adding money in the virtual wallet.

Advanced Search with Accurate Results

The demand delivery app adorns advanced search option to refine searches for best error free results. This saves a lot of time.


Build your business by launching the delivery app in your native language. It features a multiple language option, through which the user and the dispatcher can choose their choice of language.

One box Solution with Dispatcher & Customer app

Once the software is purchased, the delivery business can be launched instantly that accompanies dispatcher app, Customer app and admin panel to support the back-end process.

Review and Rating System

Business can work on to improve its standards and features only when the user or the customer gives a genuine feedback or a review about the application and the service. This delivery app instills the rating and review feature to help each of its participants to get the best out of each other.

Automated SMS Control

This works to send an automatic SMS to the dispatcher when the courier is sent off to the expected destination.

Go Cashless

The user can get their payment done by adding money in the wallet which is like a prepaid amount stored in the account. This works more convenient for users and gives a hassle free payment experience.

Create Profile

The user can create a profile which features to edit the profile by updating and deleting details from the profile.

Social Media Sharing

This features Social Media Sharing option for the users to share the dispatch details with an instant approach across social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook and such.

Social Media Login

This lets you login through your social media accounts like Facebook, Google Plus and twitter which stands a quick alternative of logging in to the app by typing in the username, password and other credentials.

Customized Payment Gateway

Not all payment gateways are accepted in certain countries. This has probed us to develop our on-demand delivery app flexible to integrate any type of payment gateway.

Track Ratings

Admin can track the ratings of each and every individual dispatcher through the admin dashboard. Dispatcher on the other hand can check their overall rating in the dispatcher app.

Reliable Authentication

The users, when they sign up into the delivery app, they get a confirmation through a call or sms which is integrated with the delivery app. The authentication done through the app is all secure and it does not ask for the users' details.

Real-Time Push Notification

Updates, Promotional offers and other information can be sent as real-time notifications and messages can be sent directly to the customers.

Fully Automated

The process of the on demand delivery app is fully automated with easy to navigate between features.

Fare Estimator and Calculator

The user can just enter the pickup and drop destinations to easily check the fare estimate in advance.

Switch Online/offline

The service provider can switch their status from online to offline and vice versa. The provider can accept a booking only when he/she is online.

Instant Notification

Instant notification, like arrival notice, SMS on fare amount and such are notified to the customer instantly.

Individual Login for Providers

Providers are given individual login details for the admin to track details of each provider individually.

Complaint Management Module

The user can notify about any complaints on a Provider to the admin immediately through the compliant management system.

Easy Bill Generation

The app features easy generation of bills that the customers can generate bills easily on the customer app.