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What is Kwisy - Etsy Clone?

Set your business goals right! Install Kwisy - Etsy Clone to Establish and Extend your marketplace

Connect buyers and sellers through your remarkable business platform

Kwisy is a clone script taking the replica of Etsy. The platform is bold and enterprising to out beat the competitors giving it a scalable environment to manage sellers and buyers permitting them to take control in adding, editing the types of products the user wants to trade. Kwisy is a magnified version of the etsy clone script making giving it a user-friendly interface. It is a happening multi-vendor e-commerce store script that pre-defines the future business needs giving a space to progressively scale-up the business better.

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Best Etsy Clone Script

Kwisy - The feature rich Etsy clone script fosters to service clients for grow up business on a successful note.

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Import Product listing from Etsy

Shop owners can promote their products to etsy users by importing and showcasing the list of products to Kwisy from Etsy instantly.

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Offers and Deals

Promotional offers and deals of the day on certain products can also be listed to interest customers in buying the products.

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Shipping Modules

To automate the manipulation of data entry work, Kwisy incorporates shipping modules like FEDEX to enhance its efficiency.

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Location-Based Shopping

Users can shop based on their location with Kwisy. Refine your shopping search based on the location - filter out the nearby stores and shop at ease.

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Interface to Blacklist IP address

If the user requires blocking IPs from interfering with the critical components of the website, the users can add to the IPs list to restrict access.

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Google Analytics Integration

Kwisy affiliates with Google Analytics to help the admin to organize multiple tracking system of the store ids with in-built reporting system in place.

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Benefits of working on a Kwisy platform

The clone script works one step in advance that it creates a platform to post products and also it helps the users to establish a community through which the customers can become sellers. The customers are given space to up sell their products on sale. Users can also create their own store where they can sell the products and also buy products from any other stores as well.

The clone script is custom designed to harbor in business requirements for the entrepreneurs to understand the business platform without any technical knowledge.

The script unfolds web applications and a range of graphical components required to develop the custom business website. It also provides website logos.

This script holds credit card options and delivers SSL certification as well. It also does not demand any highly-prices hosting accounts.

Why Kwisy - Etsy Clone?

Our Kwisy is Completely Customisable, user-friendly and stacked with state of art features.

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Shops on the Spotlight

Shops with fast moving products that are good in quality are categorized as Featured shops.

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Pickup from the Local Store

One good option from Kwisy - Etsy Clone is that the buyer need not wait for a long time for the purchased item to get shipped. The buyer can mention a nearby store and do the item pickup much easily using the Local Pickup option.

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Abandoned Cart

Users might add products in the cart and they not process it to purchase the products, The users tend to forget the product in the cart, hence to improve conversions, admin takes the lead role to send reminder emails on the abandoned products in the cart.

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Geo-location Module

With Kwisy - Etsy Clone website connected to the users on the global network. The Geo-location module helps users to share their location through the browser. The system automatically publishes the items in local currency matching the visitor’s location.

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Bootstrap-based Admin Panel

Kwisy - Etsy Clone has incurred the Bootstrap based admin panel for the admin to take control over the multi-vendor system both from smart phones & tablets.

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Email Management

Kwisy - Etsy Clone is powered with an efficient email management system with Simple Mail Transfer Protocol configuration to supervise all the auto-generated email alerts and notifications.

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PayPal-based Payment

Kwisy, Etsy Clone is integrated with PayPal-based payment module to process the number crunching for the respective payments of the seller and the admin for each sale.

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Multi-Language Module

The admin panel integrates a multi-language support module for the admin to control the choice of language to be used on the website based on the country.

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Optimized as per Google SERP

The Etsy Clone script is SEO-centric system with websites optimized to drive traffic and rank better in the Google Search Engine Result Page.

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Social Media Login Features

The clone script helps customers to login through their social media accounts like Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook, etc.

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Refined Search Results

Our product helps the user customer to refine their searches with smart filter & search option to find products easily based on the categories and location.

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Improved Security and Scalability

The marketplace clone script, furnishes good security and scalability environment.

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Location-based Shop Searches

Users can refine searches based on the location breaking down to city, state and country using the location based shop finder.

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Coupon Codes Generator

The script assists the sellers to generate coupon codes making it available to the customers to use it during the checkout process.

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Buyer / Seller Discussion Board

The script holds a discussion board for the buyers and sellers to discuss among each other on any queries. Buyers can clarify doubts on any products before placing an order.

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Ratings & Reviews

Kwisy has the Ratings and Reviews feature that permits the buyer to share feedback about the purchased product which will be a reference for other customers to halt and understand about the product better before they purchase the same.

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Commission Tracking System

The admin panel hosts a commission tracking system that would assist the user to view and understand the commission distribution that has been done to the sellers and the admin through the sales.

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Unlimited Multi-Level Category

With this option, the website visitors can seamlessly filter categories and refine their products search.

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Transaction Management

The admin panel holds the transaction management module to help the user get the history of both successful and failed transactions done by the customers.

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Newsletter Management

The newsletter management has been an efficient source to take control over the contacts and conduct email marketing campaigns to send emails and check on the results.

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Social Media Sharing

Sellers can find the option to share their products over the social media network like Facebook, Twitter and Google plus.

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Complaint Dashboard

The users can use the complaint dashboard to register complaints if they are not satisfied with the products.

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Reports Management

The report management tool is incorporated to extract report effortlessly on the total no. sales, customer visits, new seller sign up, transactions done over the period of time and such..

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Events Management

Kwisy users can generate, edit, delete and even share events through the dashboard and get connected with Kwisy community.

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Contact Shop Owner

For every product in the store the buyer can find an option to contact the shop owner. This can be done before or after making a purchase.

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Various Shipping Options

The Kwisy system has shipping options for store owners to deliver products different countries with different shipping rates. The shipping cost can be altered as per different destinations.

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Order Tracking

The user can check and track the status of the order to build customer trust.

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Products With Variations

This module entitles sellers to upload various products with differences in price and category.

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Download Options

e-downloads can also be sold by sellers so that the buyers can download eBooks, software and games, which can be downloaded through a link sent by the seller after receiving the payment.

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Multiple Sliders

The clone script supports to incorporate multiple sliders as attractive banner images that can be programmed to change after few seconds.

Pricing Packages


$ 699

  • 100% Source Code
  • Responsive Design
  • Multi Language
  • Multi Currency
  • Unlimited Guest/Hosts
  • 30 Days Support


$ 1299

  • All Features in Standard Pack
  • Android App
  • Cloud Server Amazon S3
  • IP Based Currency
  • Free SEO
  • 1 Year Support


$ 1599

  • All Features in Standard Pack
  • IOS App
  • Cloud Server Amazon S3
  • IP Based Currency
  • Free SEO
  • 1 Year Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Free installation will be done by our technical team in your Linux server, which you have recommended or hosting at free of cost, and this does not include any support or set or installation on your local machine or on the local host.
In order to complete the free installation of files into the client server, the normal turnaround time will take from 12 hours to 24 hours, depending upon the hosting companies.
When you purchase the script, and someone from the customer end has modified or altered the code, then the free support which you have purchased gets voided irrespective of the plan. Zuket does not provide any guarantee to the issues which was produced in our script due to the third party and the external resources.
Once you complete your purchase successfully, our accounts team will verify you, once the verification is completed, we will inbox you the downloadable source file from our official mail info@Zuket.com. You have to download the source files which were sent to you before 24 hours, if not the link will expire. Apart from this, free installation of source files into their server will be done to our lite, premium and ultimate customers, if they provide the main login credentials to their server. Additionally, in order to provide our premium and ultimate customers with the enhanced customer support experience, we provide our customers the access to the project management tool called www.basecamp.com, in which to provide the support and the immediate response, our QA and testing team will be added. So that, our customers need not worry about the after sales support process, because they are also part of our team, and will continue their successful business forever.
PayPal will come free as default in the initial package. If proper API information like stripe, Authorize.net, 2co, balanced gateway and many more is provided, then we can integrate any payment methods into Kwisy.
Code igniter is the framework that is used to build the Kwisy and the platform used is LAMP (Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP)
Refund will not be provided, if the product was downloaded successfully because, we are dealing with the intangible digital products. We have provided with the demo link on the website, so that you can check before making payment. After the purchase, if you face any issues regarding installation or any website issues, then you can contact our team directly through basecamp.com, project management tool, support email or Skype.
Yes. We do help for custom module. We create new designs, payment options and functionality. In order to get our services, email us at info@Zuket.com, and also send pictures, sketches, ideas and documents, so that it will be easy for us to help you with more accurate estimates.
Renter’s demo is always updated with the currently available latest version. It is also the same sort of install packages that you receive after purchasing the script. In order to prevent vandalism, the demo will have limited access in some areas, but the copy which you get will have the full access.
There are no additional payments; once you purchase the script then it is completely yours.
Yes. Our Kwisy team will install the script for you. Our installation services are free and it will be done when your payment gets completed. If you provide your server credentials, then our team will install the script. You can also respond to our mails, which comes from the id, info@Zuket.com.
No. we do not offer refunds and all the sales are final. We believe that our live demo on the website will provide enough information to make a decision before making the purchase. Read our return policy to get more information regarding this.
Technical documentation will not be provided. If you need any help while developing your custom module, you can email us at info@Zuket.com and we will provide you the estimate for developing your custom module.
Small errors happen even though we handle carefully. We will have a look at the system performance and we welcome feedback from the clients. If we find a bug we will try to replace it in the shortest period possible with the free of cost.
That depends upon the license you have purchased. In regular single domain license, core files such as PHP are unencrypted by layout and design, they can be accessed and customized, but this licensing is encrypted. In open source and multi domain license, there is no encryption, so the owner can update all the files, whereas all the features of the script regardless of the license type are available to the administrators and the users. If want to get the open source, multi domain license, then email us to info@Zuket.com.
Yes. You can change the files, if you have access to them with the license that was purchased.
Kwisy are available only with the standard template. If you want any design or unique template, then contact us at info@Zuket.com or chat with our sales executive, he will provide you with other details and pricing.
Domain names can be changed. For this you have to email to us at info@Zuket.com, with your present domain name, purchase order number, and the new name which you would like to change for your domain. A domain name can be changed only during six months and don’t change the settings by you before we confirm it. If you do so, then your service will be unavailable before confirmation. This service is based on the license version which you have purchased.
Yes. The script can be installed in the cloud server like Amazon, Digital Ocean, Race Park, etc.
LAMP platform is used. It runs on all Linux based servers, for windows you have to enable few modules in the server.
Kwisy - ETSY clone script