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Uber’s idea of serving free ice cream seems to be performing well


Uber has started its new business to deliver free ice creams in various cities thereby making things simpler. The idea seems to be doing well and moreover many people get benefited by this idea. Now, users can make an order of ice creams directly from the Uber application.

Once your order is placed, the ice cream which you requested will be delivered to your doorsteps. Even the cost of the ice cream is charged straight away to your Uber account, so you need not go around paying for your goods. The cost of the ice cream varies from each city depending on the area you reside.

In cities like Berlin, it costs 20 dollars for four people where it is double the cost in Paris. In America, it cost about 30 dollars whereas in Los Angeles it is 36 dollar for six people.

Detroit and Sacramento together get 5 people for 20 dollars, and all over the country, the number is about $25 for this excess but, to be honest, its basic summer service using delivery business application. Uber has kept its brand by offering cab service across the world and has acquired a lot of grievance in the process and is no one to an eccentric marketing campaign.

In the past, the company of Uber offered free cab facility and also provided a kitten delivery service and much more. It seems to be doing well and it is surprising to note that Uber has made its market across 140 cities in 40 countries for starting in the year 2010. It is applicable cities with well-rooted cab service like in New York.

Uber accoutns$3.4 billion dollars by the end of the year2013, and it persists to grow. Marketing schemes like this, which offer something to the users genuinely aspire to moderately small price, are better ways to help make it good to know all over the world. With respect to their website, its ubiquity is doing it well as its users are likely to use it across various locations.