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The latest development about Uber Clone that you have to know


Uber is a pioneer of pickup service where a passenger can get the estimated amount of travel and they provide vetted driver information. The application is developed with the integration of Google maps and it involves the use of smart phones by both passenger and driver. This is ruling the world because of its transparency, rigidity and best customer service. Users have an advantage of tracking the vehicle as it makes way to the destination. So, there is an uplift of many Uber cloning applications with the same clone script and also added with some advanced features.

RidecyRidecy Uber clone

Ridecy is an Uber clone app which is a perfect customizable application for drivers and passengers in both Android and iOS. Though the app has many features similar to Uber, it has got many advanced features to stand alone in the market. When a user registers a ride, the detailed information is sent to all the nearby drivers and an optimal driver will be available at the doorstep. The key features of this application are approximate time estimation of arrival time, SMS notifications, canceling the ride, navigation facility and lot more. Cloud technology is used to advance the database technology and to handle all the data efficiently and in an easy manner. Users can review their trip history along with more details in their profile and this application is available at free of cost.

TaxigenTaxigen Application Download

When an application is tailored with readymade Uber clone script with additional salient features, then it is none other than Taxigen. It is an application used for taxi booking service with more advantages like usage of maps, confirmation settings, Google maps and cancellation of booked rides. The navigation feature helps the chauffeurs to track the location at ease. The best part of this application is the promo codes and coupon offers available for the users to enjoy the trip along with some offers. These offers are available through push notifications or messages and it can be used during the ride to reduce the payment amount. Since this is a customizable application, the source code is available which can be personalized and modified based on the needs of the business. This application is well known for its SEO optimization to create more traffic and enhance the business activities.

zoplaycabilyTaxi app script

This is a sister concern of Casperon technologies of South Asia and the division is responsible for developing applications in any platform to satisfy the customer requirements. They develop many clone script applications and it has all the features similar to those prevailing in the market today. It is the evolving time for a customized application to support your business and this company helps to achieve the goal of developing an independent application to satisfy the customer needs. The major steps involved in creating a clone application like Uber are purchasing the application, configuring the settings based on business requirements, develop the business economy, and support of developers even after the sale of a product to the customers. Notable features of this application are the book later feature, online wallet, tracking of transactions. The ride can be booked in prior and scheduled for the stipulated date in advance and this is a unique feature in the entire industry.

TaxilyMobile Uber App

Taxily is one of the best cloning applications developed by Zuket Technologies with a hefty amount of talented professionals, well-trained developers, and the main motto is to develop products to satisfy the customers and their need. The main objective of developing this application is providing the customers with readymade application and this helps the entrepreneurs to save a lot of time and money in business. The need for Uber clone app is arising at a faster rate because of the user-friendly and added advancements. Now it is the need of the hour to have an application to showcase the work of your business. Zuket configures and modifies taxi app according to the needs of the customer and delivered to a customer at the right time. This application is in great demand due to various reasons like profile settings, and predefined mail format. There are many ways of login for both driver and user where they can directly login in an application or through some social media.

trudriveTrudrive a Taxi Web Dispatch App

Trudrive is an innovative application developed for the comfort of customers and drivers using state of art technology and to launch a cloning application like Uber. Jeato is the innovator of this cloning application and they follow a different approach to develop any kind of application. The process includes research work, planning, analysis, various development stages, efficient testing, and deployment of the script in a proficient way. There are many fascinating things to choose Trudrive like integration with a website, multiple language options, admin panel, automatic billing and much more on the go. The advanced search helps to filter the details before processing the results and the inbuilt analytics features guides to calculate the ROI to increase customer conversion rates. It is a digital assistant of taxi business owner to maintain both the customer and driver details from the admin panel. The turnaround time is at the maximum of 24 hours depending on the organization.

DectarcabilyUber Taxi application

Cab booking is one of the easiest ways to roam around the city at affordable costs and the service providers help the customers acquire the service easily and make them feel comfortable. Nowadays, applications are developed for every business to attract the users and to avail the service of them in a single click. To use such a kind of application for your business, choosing Cabily is a wise choice and it is available in a customized way. Dectar is an application and service provider company responsible for providing Uber cloning application at its best. This company is renowned for their creative, innovative, productive and customizable product delivery. The most promising features of Cabily are secure payments, surge method and feedback for the driver. Secure payments can be made by using credit or debit cards and free of fraudulence and also wallets are available to make the payment. Emergency contact can be used by pressing the alert button and details will be sent to the helpline. This works well for owners who want to track the commission and payment made to the drivers.

RideYoRideYo – Dispatch Clone

Nowadays, safety is more important while commuting in public transports and taxi booking service provider is in a position to ensure secured travel to the customers. So, they can launch the application called RideYo with their customized layouts and logo in the market. This is developed by Gacie technologies which develop customer friendly application to an organization based on their demands. RideYo provides a separate application for driver and user to make them feel convenient and the profiles can be customized. Users are provided with the list of options to check the availability of cars and drivers who are available online. After the payment, email receipt of a bill is generated to help the user for future reference. The advantages do not stop with customers but it is also extended to drivers to have the localization based on their demand. This application is best suitable for international fleeter as they can book the trip all around the world.