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Recall feature will update soon in WhatsApp application


Whatsapp application is one of the most popular applications and this application has millions of user over the world wide. We know that the WhatsApp application has added many new features in their application for its loyal users and currently, it updating its features for the popularity. Recently the application introduced the pin chat that the user can pin their important chats.

There have been lots of reports this year suggesting that the WhatsApp application will launch the recall and revoke feature on its app stable version. However, the firm is yet to release the feature on its application. The recall feature has now been speckled on the WhatsApp application beta version on the Windows Phone which hints the launch may be at hand.

It’s also worth identifying that the new WhatsApp application features usually reach last on the Windows mobile Phones when compared to its identical part Android device and iOS device. WABetainfo has reported that the WhatsApp app beta version 2.17.218 of Windows mobile Phone has the much-expected the recall feature by the feature. The leaked screenshots of the new recall feature, however, don’t really show how the new feature will work on the application. WABetainfo has demanded that the new beta version on the Windows Phone has also included a Learn more button within the application for the recall feature.

Based on basic reports, the latest recall feature on the WhatsApp application will let users edit the sent text message or recall a sent text message. It is said to edit or recall just by long pressing a message which was sent by the user. However, the WhatsApp app feature to recall the sent message or edit sent messages will apparently work only in the case if the receiver or the user hasn’t seen the text message from the sender. Recently, WhatsApp application lets the users delete or remove the messages on the device level and the removed messages remain visible to the receiver. So if the feature will establish in the application it will help many users in a different way and people are expecting it.