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Beware of Whatsapp scam message


WhatsApp application is one of the most famous messaging services in the universe that we all know and the service has nearly crossed 1 billion users around worldwide with its features. The application is mainly used for messaging purpose and now this service is also used for video call purpose. The main advantage is the message is fully encrypted at both ends.
If you are a longtime WhatsApp application user, you are apparently remembered that it used to be a subscription based platform service. Users had to pay 0.99 dollars for a year to use the WhatsApp application. However, the charging for the using of WhatsApp application fees in the year 2016.
Now the cyber criminals are trying to trap the user into believing they require beginning by paying the fee again for the active service. They are sending push notification emails and texts message by telling the users that their subscription is ending soon and the service is stopped soon. To continue using the WhatsApp application, the user wants to click on a link which is provided in the given message and update their payment information as soon as possible.

If the user clicks on the link which is sent by the cyber criminals within the message, the user will be taken to a fake site and asked to enter the banking information of the user. Victims who do this thing are just giving back their critical data to the scammers. One dead deal that this is a deceit is the fact there are spelling and grammar errors in the text. That’s typical of phishing scams from someone. This type of trick seems to pop up on some messaging sites again and again. So much so that WhatsApp application has said some point which is based on how to manage them on its site.

How to manage this scam message?

The first thing when you got this kind of message is Block the person who sends the message, ignoring the message which is received in your inbox, remove the message, Never ever forward those text messages and this will secure reveal your contacts to possible harm Keep reading to discover how to avoid falling for a scam attack.