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An economic scheme of trendy pricing model on Uber


In the contemporary situation, every person is looking for the easiest way to reduce their traveling time. For that purpose, they are using the service of transportation and respected mobile application which is interconnected with that. This service is distributing so many offers and facilities to the user to have a happy journey. It is introducing so many advanced features and specifications towards the service of transportation.Consistently this service is introducing so many advanced techniques with respect to the user’s need. Recently the Uber have introduced one new model in the service of transportation to increase its standard and strategy. It has a specification which is named as price discrimination in the field of ride-hailing. There are different kinds of users who are all looking for or demanding various needs to the organization.

This service provides the complete details about the process of traveling and we can have a route map for a particular destination. Eventhough this service has so many desired features; the economic contribution of this service is too high. Economic distribution of this service is comparatively high and this service exists normal stage in the price discrimination.

There is an estimation of nearly $70 million on the Google to stable its performance. Behind the Uber transportation’s pricing model is depends on the distance from the location and WTP of the customers. We can have a mutual benefit through this service and there are no more restrictions to access the service with respect to time.