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All of sudden Etsy cuts down the Internship Program


The famous online market service Etsy is well known for its bizarre perks and it is in a critical situation to cut down the costs and on the other side of flip to increase its stock price. A few days before the gigantic online store planned to start their internships but the students were informed that their roles were no longer available. The Activists investor which owns about two percent of the shares wants the Etsy to set up the sales growth and also raise its dwindling shares. It also offers a benevolent parental leave policy, food plans which are totally a complete one with that of the community loom. It is said to be that the Etsy’s market value which is a doubled one more than that of three billion dollars. The shares are now reduced to that of sixteen percent from the initial public offering price.

The platform for the artisanal crafts and that of the vintage curious has abrogated most of the internship offers that has been made for the college students maintain only a few of computer science engineering interns. A confirmation has been given that the intern program had been eventually scaled back but did not reply for the reason for the short notice. It is said to be that cancellation of the intern program is that in order to make the budget cuts. The company gave an assured statement that the program would not be halted and it can be again reinstated when the famous e-commerce site Etsy is in a good position to offer it.