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12 reasons to use Chatsy- WhatsApp Clone Script

Today’s trend is that almost everyone is using a messaging app to stay connected with the rest of the world. It is said that around 80 percent of the world’s population owns a smartphone and there is a messaging app in it. There are many different reasons why people have started to use these kinds of messaging apps.

ChatsyChatsy- WhatsApp Clone
Chatsy is the clone script for WhatsApp and there are quite interesting features in it and you can launch your own messaging app and have the people start using yours as well. Let us tell you why our clone script is famous in the market and it is gaining more popularity.

Our clone script is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and that is one of the prominent reasons why our script is this famous. We use the best in class tools and software to create the next generation clone scripts for the people who want to launch their own messaging app.

Unlimited texting1. Unlimited texting
With the Chatsy clone script, you will have the option to provide unlimited texting to the users. Initially, there was a time when people used to send SMSes to have a conversation. There used to be a set limit for them to exchange the messages. Now, the people can have the privilege to send unlimited text messages to their friends and family.

Share everything2. Share everything
This is another best reason why you can blindly just try this clone script of ours. You get to share almost everything with the help of this app. There is an option for the users to attach a video, audio, location, document, and contact. You can also share an image from your gallery or use the camera icon on the message tab as well. This is something which you don’t get to find in other types of apps.

Audio & Video Calls3. Audio & Video Calls
We are completely aware how costly it is to make calls to your loved ones who live in different countries? This is one of the reasons why we have introduced this feature in our clone script. The users will be able to make audio calls to their loved ones and also video calls as well. All they need to have is a stable internet connection and that will help them to have everlasting conversations with their friends and family.

Privacy settings4. Privacy settings
Another aspect for you to select our clone script is that you can set the privacy settings for your account according to your own preferences. The users of the app will have the option to set the information available on their account to be seen by their contacts, everyone or none. This is a feasible option and that is one of the reasons why the users would like to try our clone script.

Chat Lock5. Chat Lock
This is one of the most important features which are available in our clone script and it is hard to be found in other scripts. The users can set a password for their chat which they are having with their friends and family. This will help them to keep their private and confidential information intact. They can easily unlock the chat with the set password and unless & until then all the information is safe & secure.

Profile Update6. Profile Update
Updating the profile is something which every user is interested in and it gives the profile an oomph factor. The users will have the option to update their profile picture and profile status. In that way they will be able, to keep their friends and family circle updated with the things which are happening in their life.

New Upcoming Features7. New Upcoming Features
There is a list of new features which are coming then and there which is updated one. It has made the folks and the ability to send multimedia elements along with the messages. The new features are giving their best in order to contribute more success each and every day. The folks need not worry about the ads; in case if they post any and they had to invest resources in data mining and tuning etc.

100% Security8. 100% Security
In terms of data, Chatsy is safer one compared to that of other social media sites like Facebook. It is not advisable to share any personal data over Facebook considering the privacy issues. Here the overall data in Chatsy, it is relatively a secure one and one need not worry about subjected to leakage of data. Here the response time is much better one compared to the other messaging apps.

Multiple Platforms9. Multiple Platforms
Chatsy has managed to get an app to the folks of all well-known platforms ranging from Android and to iOS to popular phones and it has been able to collect the users all over the world. It can also work in very old phones. In other words, we can say that getting everyone on the board. In case of VoIP apps, one can communicate for free with the other folks who are using the same service and app.

Mute a Conversation10. Mute a Conversation
When a message is received the user is notified through a notification tone. And we realized that it could be annoying on the days when they are caught up with their own essential tasks. So we have designed this feature which helps them to put the conversation on a silent mode by selecting the chat and enabling the mute.

Deactivate last seen11. Deactivate last seen
The user can go incognito with this feature where you can disable the last seen feature and this will not allow the other users to know about your online status. The timestamp feature says that whether a user is online or in offline. The time can also be hidden from all the folks from all the unknown users. The data can be visible to all the WhatsApp users.

cimprovement12. Chat Improvements
In order to improve the basic way of handling the chat, one can communicate with the screen and the most highlighted factor is that the folks have a separate option of video call button. One can also send multiple contacts at a time. The folks are limited to send only one contact at a time and the limit has been redefined now.