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12 main reasons to use Chatsy application

1. The main reason for the Chatsy application is its security. The Chatsy application is much safer than the other application and you can customize your personal setting according to your wish. The message, which sends on the both side, is fully encrypted in the application. The End-to-end encrypted messages are great, and it gives full guarantee of privacy or security to the user. So security wise the application is fully safe.
2. While coming to the chat option there is a chat history screen, which is available for the users. The users who use the App like whatsapp app can see the list of the frequent conversations or the messages with the contact names. The chat history screen of the app is synced with real time so that the user can see if anyone of the contacts changes the profile pictures and this other can see yours also. There is an option in the app to email the chat history to your personalized email.
3. Video chat is one of the perfect reasons to use the Chatsy application. By using the video call feature we can call instantly to anyone who we want to talk and it is easy to connect the call at the both end with the high-level security. With the excellent feature of the application, we can catch up with your long-distance buddies or videoconference, which helps in business.
4. One of the main reasons to use the Chatsy also works on the web. You can run the Chatsy application in web also; it needs only the system or PC and Wi-Fi connection. If your mobile battery is low at the time you can use the web application to continue your important chat within the web application. This is one of the reasons why to use the Chatsy application
5. Chatsy offers an easy option to create the groups and you can add multiple contacts to the group based on the interest of the user. Users are grant with the chance and accessibility of creating, changing the group names, group status and group icons as well. The Chatsy applications support the users to add more than five hundred members in the group. The application also supplies the user to share pictures, videos, audios, contacts and location within the group chat. It is also simple to leave or delete the group.
6. The another important reason to use the Chatsy application is the application is full of free of cost and you can download the application from the Play Store or from the app store. Then, the application is available for both Android and IOs device. Some application may charges for the usage after a one-year period of time so, when comparing to such kind of application it is full of free cost.
7. In Chatsy application you can send any kind messages which including image, audio, video, animated Gifs and so on. The main advantages of the application are it is integrated with sticker store so that you can download stickers from there and you can send it to all whom you want. So this feature added one of the advantages to the application to use the application.
8. Some application messing application allows add to it and it may cause disgusting while using. But the Chatsy application has not placed ads on any of its users who use this application. This is because the users are too annoyed with the ads on the other side. This application is provided with ads free filter so you are not annoyed during the chat.
9. The important feature is audio call feature which helps the user to call by using the application with free of cost and the only thing needed is data connection. By using Chatsy app the user can to anyone in his or her contact list with low MB when comparing to the other application. So this feature added an advantage to the application among the other application.
10. The login option of the Chatsy application is simple and easy. The application is tied to a phone number and you can sign up with it. So there is no need to provide the additional details and the personal details with it and the mobile phone number is enough for login. In any case, you can change your phone number at any time. So this feature carries an advantage to the application.
11. This application helps the user to connect the long-distance friends without any cost because Chatsy application is an international application so that you can connect with your friends at any part of the world at free of cost. This application supports application supports all kind of message and you can send it to others with free of cost. This application added an advantage to the application.
12. By using the Chatsy application you can share your exact location with your friends by using the location sharing option in the chat screen. So you can inform the place wherever you travel can inform to your friends with the location sharing option. This is also one of the reasons to use the Chatsy application.