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What is Trubnb - Airbnb Clone?

Are you on the look out to venture a rental business using trubnb that could provide great money value through your business venture? Are you puzzled for the right way to promote your rental business?

You are at the right place! Trubnb does it all!

Trubnb is a ready-made rental system, developed, organised and designed as a standalone source for entrepreneurs like you, who are inclined to generate an online portal system for Rental business. It is an e-portal script that intermediates between your hosts and guests together.

Trubnb is a full-fledged code that could be custom-built as per your unique business needs. Trubnb can be tailored in relevance to a range of verticals, such as books, cars, videos, bikes, tools, yachts and much more. Trubnb is an online site that helps travellers to find a safe and affordable stay place with just a single click from any part of the world.

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Best Online Accommodation Software

Trubnb is the perfect script for go-getters to augment their specific commercial arena for online reservations. The script is an easy to use option for any tourist or vacationer to scout and reserve bookings through online financial transactions based on criteria like


The Trubnb helps the user to find the best home at an affordable price and the user can choose their price value according to their wish.


Trubnb application is integrated with the Google map service for searching and listing rentals in any location.

Room type

Trubnb allows the user to find the room type from the respective details of the home.


Trubnb allows the users to become an amenities member of the website for the chance to earn more money, project clarity and push into a good amount of traffic.

Property type

The host can enclosure all the listed properties on one web page so the user can choose the property in an easy way.


The customer service is available for 24*7 so, that the users can ask their doubts in hassle free manner.

With all the above mentioned features intact – Trubnb, the Airbnb Clone is considered the right solution for your online Airbnb Clone business.

airbnb clone

Trubnb provides a unique and seamless approach to assist hosts to rent out their property while giving guests an option to choose a property for rent based on their budget. The software is web-oriented that comes along with an easy installation procedure.

Customers are just to be connected to the internet while and until the complete installation process is done. The software is backed up with a generous amount of features, which helps the owner to administer the Airbnb Clones furnishing customised utilities and features that are entwined intact with the software. The software benefits the guests and the hosts with robust features demonstrating it as an interactive channel for them.

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Airbnb Clone Software does it all

The vacation rental tasks are all streamlined through the Trubnb software. The owner does not require any technical skills to go about the website, as it is all well-tailored in relevance to the owners' demands. Clients find it easy to scout for hotels for their vacation stay as per their requirements.

By this way selecting and booking from a particular location for the required number of days can be done in just few clicks. With Trubnb, hotel reservations is no more a daunting task and once the booking procedure is confirmed from the client's side, the software is all set to generate confirmation receipts and statement as per the request.

The software does it all – owners do not require a workforce to manage all the bookings from the clients, its all manipulated through our ready-made smart script. The software holds in search options, color schemes, filter options and such that makes accessing the Airbnb Clone with much ease. Understand and manipulate your business needs and get the maximum use of the software for successful business closure.

Why Trubnb?

Our Trubnb script is absolutely accessible, user-friendly and stacked with state of art features.

Design receptive to Conversions

Boosts your online reach to mobile and tablet users, It also Increase sales/conversions

Evolution of Versions

Trubnb script is developed to advance with every new version that has been evolved over the years. The latest version is all set to support the latest mobile operating systems in the industry


The Script is completely customizable through which you have the option to choose the look & feel of the website.


The online script provides a high speed and great performance of the website which could provide an extremely robust interface.

User friendly

The online Vacation Rental Script is simple and easy to use.

Instant Website Backup

The website is backed up instantly which runs behind the background without intruding the current process and the backup is all ready to restore your website in case of any mishap.

Builds Reputation

A validated ID Badge is provided to authenticate the trust factor of the website and hence there is a good reputation with the Host/Guest.

SEO-based URLs

URL is formulated to meet the SEO demands. The URL is framed to help the website rank better in the SERP.

Currency Conversion based on IP

The script is well planned in advance that it is coded to instantly switch store currency in relevance with the visitor's IP address by implementing Advanced Currency Switcher Module.

Registration Fee Tab

The script includes a registration fee tab that you can add an amount to the fee tab. This would ensure the completion of the registration only if the visitor has paid the fees.

Traveller Service Fee

There is a Traveller service fee tab that helps the admin to add a service fee amount, that would be summed up during the checkout, when a traveller tries to get a booking done.

Coupon Code Module

This comes as a part of the programmed script, which provisions the user to allocate a discount coupon code for a product of this category.

Exclusive Dashboard

Tracking the number of trips that has been hosted and the rate of response per annum is an exclusive feature of the Dashboard. Customers give star ratings, based on their experience which can be tracked through the dashboard.

Endless Property Listings

The property listings are not restricted to certain limitations, you are provisioned to add, manage and edit boundless listings of properties on your website.

Stripe Payment Integration

The script is incorporated with a stripe payment unit that adds value to the store owners to receive payment through stripe making credit card payments much simpler.

Wishlist Module

The script incorporates a provision for the users to add their preferences of the listings to their wishlist. The wishlist could also be shared with your friends through your social media accounts – Google+, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Sign in Through Social Media

Users can sign in through their social media accounts like Google+, Twitter or Facebook that could save time from filling the details during the sign up process.

Google Maps Integration

With Trubnb, Google maps integration is no more a daunting task and it can be customised based on the clients' demands.

Integrated Google Analytics

The script is integrated with an organised Google Analytics code that would help you gauge and analyse the website traffic in place.

Message Communication System

With an insane message communication system, guest and hosts find it a great space to communicate with each other on their requests and concerns.

Search by City & Country

Script makes it more easier for the user to search and filter locations with City, State & Country filters

Admin Panel

Try Demo Admin Panel

Frequently Asked Questions

Free installation will be done by our technical team in your Linux server, which you have recommended or hosting at free of cost, and this does not include any support or set or installation on your local machine or on the local host.
In order to complete the free installation of files into the client server, the normal turnaround time will take from 12 hours to 24 hours, depending upon the hosting companies.
When you purchase the script, and someone from the customer end has modified or altered the code, then the free support which you have purchased gets voided irrespective of the plan. Zuket does not provide any guarantee to the issues which was produced in our script due to the third party and the external resources.
Once you complete your purchase successfully, our accounts team will verify you, once the verification is completed, we will inbox you the downloadable source file from our official mail info@Zuket.com. You have to download the source files which were sent to you before 24 hours, if not the link will expire. Apart from this, free installation of source files into their server will be done to our lite, premium and ultimate customers, if they provide the main login credentials to their server. Additionally, in order to provide our premium and ultimate customers with the enhanced customer support experience, we provide our customers the access to the project management tool called Basecamp, in which to provide the support and the immediate response, our QA and testing team will be added. So that, our customers need not worry about the after sales support process, because they are also part of our team, and will continue their successful business forever.
PayPal will come free as default in the initial package. If proper API information like stripe, Authorize.net, 2co, balanced gateway and many more is provided, then we can integrate any payment methods into Trubnb.
Code igniter is the framework that is used to build the Trubnb and the platform used is LAMP (Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP)
Refund will not be provided, if the product was downloaded successfully because, we are dealing with the intangible digital products. We have provided with the demo link on the website, so that you can check before making payment. After the purchase, if you face any issues regarding installation or any website issues, then you can contact our team directly through basecamp, project management tool, support email or Skype.
Yes. We do help for custom module. We create new designs, payment options and functionality. In order to get our services, email us at info@Zuket.com, and also send pictures, sketches, ideas and documents, so that it will be easy for us to help you with more accurate estimates.
Trubnb's demo is always updated with the currently available latest version. It is also the same sort of install packages that you receive after purchasing the script. In order to prevent vandalism, the demo will have limited access in some areas, but the copy which you get will have the full access.
There are no additional payments; once you purchase the script then it is completely yours.
Yes. Our Trubnb team will install the script for you. Our installation services are free and it will be done when your payment gets completed. If you provide your server credentials, then our team will install the script. You can also respond to our mails, which comes from the id, info@Zuket.com.
No. we do not offer refunds and all the sales are final. We believe that our live demo on the website will provide enough information to make a decision before making the purchase. Read our return policy to get more information regarding this.
Technical documentation will not be provided. If you need any help while developing your custom module, you can email us at info@Zuket.com and we will provide you the estimate for developing your custom module.
Small errors happen even though we handle carefully. We will have a look at the system performance and we welcome feedback from the clients. If we find a bug we will try to replace it in the shortest period possible with the free of cost.
That depends upon the license you have purchased. In regular single domain license, core files such as PHP are unencrypted by layout and design, they can be accessed and customised, but this licensing is encrypted. In open source and multi domain license, there is no encryption, so the owner can update all the files, whereas all the features of the script regardless of the license type are available to the administrators and the users. If want to get the open source, multi domain license, then email us to info@Zuket.com.
Yes. You can change the files, if you have access to them with the license that was purchased.
Trubnb are available only with the standard template. If you want any design or unique template, then contact us at info@Zuket.com or chat with our sales executive, he will provide you with other details and pricing.
Domain names can be changed. For this you have to email to us at info@Zuket.com, with your present domain name, purchase order number, and the new name which you would like to change for your domain. A domain name can be changed only during six months and don’t change the settings by you before we confirm it. If you do so, then your service will be unavailable before confirmation. This service is based on the license version which you have purchased.
Yes. The script can be installed in the cloud server like Amazon, Digital Ocean, Race Park, etc.
LAMP platform is used. It runs on all Linux based servers, for windows you have to enable few modules in the server.
Trubnb - Airbnb Clone