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Turn your business platform into a virtual marketplace

Yobay channels users to play a dual role as a vendor and as a buyer Effective and feature rich Ebay like online market place

What is BuySell?

Business players are concentrating in digitizing the marketing trend. With the uplift and demand of sellers and buyers over the virtual space the World Wide Web gives its space to support the online marketplace. Yobay holds a feature rich ebay clone script that assists businesses in efficient operating and effortless maintenance of your marketplace.


Robust Features With Yobay

Yobay is the Best Ecommerce marketplace software ever launched in the market that comes with top notch feature. It is exact clone of Ebay that comes with Android and iOS app for sellers and users in the same app.

Mass Importer

Sellers can set their own shop in your website by collecting the details from other ebay like eCommerce websites.

Daily Deal

It stays the right online platform for sellers to give the target customers some exclusive and special deals for their listed products.

Listing of On-demand Sellers

Listing on-demand sellers on the top of the website home page, helps the sellers to get great exposure.

Favorite Products

Listing the most traded products on website's home page can be done by the admin. This helps buyers understand what is traded most in the industry.

Paypal Integrated System

The online marketplace website that you own can be integrated with the Paypal system to get hassle free transactions done.


Buyers or sellers are given an option of storing some money in the wallet virtually in the website for easy transactions online.

Site Wallet

Secure your earning, digitally that you have made through your site in the site wallet. Site earnings can be site commissions and ad-captcha amount.

Payment Options

Integrated Paypal and wallet money users can pay money for the traded products very much at their convenience.

Online Transfer

Users have the option to transfer money using internet banking from their own bank account on purchasing the products.

Featured Products

You can enhance your website earnings by giving space for the sellers to showcase their featured products on your website and gaining commission from the same.

Featured Sellers

To extend their market presence at a full measure, sellers can get themselves featured. This feature helps the sellers to increase the rate of sales instantly.

Website Commission

You can earn a website commission when a buyer purchases any product through your website.

Shipping Policies

Sellers can formulate their own shipping policies for the buyers, which can be communicated through the website.

Shipping Templates

You can host readily available shipping templates that contain the list of shipping companies which the sellers can use, to transport the products to the buyers.

Shipping Management

You can assist the sellers by helping to customize the shipping related activities. They can add and edit shipping templates as per their needs.

Sales History

The sellers can pull out the complete sales history which helps to have a track of the sales record.

Bootstrap Responsive Design

The website layout helps the users to navigate through the application without any issues with regards to resolution.

Shipping Status

This option helps the end users understand the status of the shipment done so that can get the delivery as per the estimated date.

Packaging Policies

The sellers have the option to mention the packaging policies and its equivalent rates while they set up their shops in your ebay like website.

Mobile friendly Admin Support

Take control of your virtual marketplace website with your Smartphone.

Favorite Seller's Circle

Buyers can join their favorite seller's group, this helps you to create a good rapport and bond between and help them get updated on the new product arrivals and discounts easily.

Rating System

The buyers are given an option to rate the products based on its features, quality and performance. Thus it helps the future users to know about the product better before then decide on buying.


You can place the hot selling, most viewed or user-desired collection of products from various sellers helping users to buy them easily.

Internal Communication Unit

The buyers and sellers can communicate through an internal communication unit if they have to clarify on their doubts effortlessly.

Tax Management System

This feature helps the sellers to handle tax management for the products in the shop list.

Dual User Login

The end user can be either a buyer or a seller or even both. They can login both as a buyer and as a seller in the marketplace website.

Advanced Search Options

Buyers can refine their searches through sophisticated search options.

Advanced Filter Options

Filter out the searches based on the product categories through the advanced filter option integrated with the online marketplace website.

Newsletter Management

Manage sending newsletters to your subscribed end users of your marketplace website in no time.

Email Subscription

This helps the sellers to collect the new user mail ids which further helps them to notify on the new product arrivals and about the new deals.

Mass Mail

The mass mailing system creates a space for the admin to send bulk mailers to the users of the online marketplace.

Graphical Website Stats

Helps you create graphical reports based on the real-time activities like new arrivals, website earnings and so on.

Purchase History

This helps to understand the previous purchases done. Buyers can use the purchase history and can use it as a reference.

Social Media Connectivity

Connect the online marketplace with social media so that users can gain quick access through the social media platform.

Invoice Management

This robust feature helps to efficiently manage and keep a track of paid and unpaid payments of your website users.

Attribute Management

It allows the user to create any number attributes depending on the type of products. This gives space for the user to add complete information about the products.

Static and Footer Management

This feature provisions to manage, edit, add and delete the static webpage and footer page as per the requirements.

Site Information Management

The website information can be managed and can be modified when necessary.

Apache Server Integration

The apache server integration assists in maintaining your website marketplace in a safe, secure, stable and flexible way.

Digital and Physical Products

Set up online platform to buy and sell physical and physical products through our ebay clone script.

Coupon Management System

Admins can attract target users by effectively generating coupons.

Cancellation Policies

Sellers can use this option to set cancellation policies based on the type of product in your online website marketplace.

Contact Shop Owner

This provisions the buyers to contact the shop owner to raise any queries and concerns.

Multiple Admin Control

With this feature you can share your admin responsibilities with a few other trustable workforce while you can relax and watch over the website performance.

Sorting Feature

It helps the sellers to sort the product list based on the most viewed and most sold products. It helps buyers to buy the products much easily.

Shopping Cart

The buyers can choose the interested products in the shopping cart which helps buyers make hassle free and effective purchases.

Shop Policies

Sellers can set their own shop policies in the marketplace website that would drive them more business.

Shop Management

The sellers can build and manage their shops over the online marketplace website.

Transaction History

The sellers and buyers can view the transactions history whenever necessary over the online marketplace.

Product Inventory

It helps admin and sellers to stay updated with the stock availability.

Social Media Sharing

Users can share favorite products to their friends through social media sharing.

Pricing Packages


$ 699

  • 100% Source Code
  • Responsive Design
  • Multi Language
  • Multi Currency
  • Unlimited Guest/Hosts
  • 30 Days Support


$ 1299

  • All Features in Standard Pack
  • Android App
  • Cloud Server Amazon S3
  • IP Based Currency
  • Free SEO
  • 1 Year Support


$ 1599

  • All Features in Standard Pack
  • IOS App
  • Cloud Server Amazon S3
  • IP Based Currency
  • Free SEO
  • 1 Year Support